About Infinity By Luna and Acknowledgements

Vanessa Lim is an Auckland Artist uses liquids to create art.  I recently held an exhibition of my art at the Mt Eden Village Centre (May 2018 and it was extended by the management for extra 3 days which I was extremely grateful for).

My first children's book comes from a conversation that my son had with a good friend of mine at a local cafe - Circus Circus.  My daughter translated it into Chinese and my children's Mandarin teacher (former University Mandarin lecturer) corrected and changed the translation.  The book also has Pinyin (Romanised phonic translation of the simplified characters).

Luna Lee was created is because I designed a Luna reusable DIY period pad that is available for people if they are interested. Lee comes from my daughter's middle name.  I only use this name with reference to the DIY pads.  

In 2018 I was awarded an Auckland Council Grant to help educate young girls and Intermediate or Full Primary (Years 1 - 8) on  environmentally friend choices for period products.  

I am passionate about the environment and passionate about recycling.  We can all do our part in the world. Not only are we helping the environment when we use reusable items. 

The art cards have been printed on recycled paper using local New Zealand Printers.  The envelopes are also recycled paper. I believe in buying and using local businesses because they are needed to support our people and their families.  The products may be a little more expensive here but they keep local people in business.  I hope that people who are passionate about the environment and their country people won't mind paying a little more to support their own people and their own local economy.  


I would especially like to acknowledge my family and friends for their support, belief, love and encouragement.

My art and website are dedicated to my children:

To my daughter who is a fantastic individual. 

To my son, your love for maths inspired INFINITY.  Love you both always: infinity + 1!